1. Preliminary lease conditions

The leasing Contract is signed by the client that reserved the car, and not by an unauthorized person. You are required to give us all the necessary information such as driving license, voucher, valid credit card, passport and the payment. Each customer must have a valid driving license and to be between 21 -7 5 years oId. You are obliged to make the total payment of the lease and a deposit from the credit card as is specified in the contract.

2. The Vehicle

Pick up:
The customer must be witness of the vehicle physical control before departure( by writing or by taking photos of the damaged areas ) otherwise the customer will be charged any additional damages not written in the contract. The Lease holder agrees to return the car to the company as specified in the contract. The leasing contract is divided into 24 hours period. If the customer wants to keep the car longer than the period specified in the contract, you have to notify the company within 48 hours before dropping off, otherwise you will pay the 5 extra rental days. From 0-2 hour no fee will be charged. For more than 2 hours delay the customer will be charged 100% of the day rent. The renter will not be refunded in case of returning the vehicle before the drop off date as signed in the contract.
Drop off:
In the moment the car is returned, the customer must be witness of the physical control. The present agreement must be signed “Returning OK” at the bottom of the first page form the Sales Representative of Surprice Albania. If the Rental Agreement is not signed “Returning OK” Surprice Albania is allowed to charge the Customer Credit Card for eventual damages occurred during the rental of the present agreement.

3. Payment

The company accepts cash and credit card payments (Visa, Master Card). Surprice is responsible to maintain the confidentiality of the card data.

4. Deposit and Insurance

The main driver must leave a refundable security deposit C.D.W. (collision damage waiver) from 540 euro – 1200 euro VAT included, depending on the relevant category of vehicle rented. It covers any bodywork damages of the vehicle even if the damage exceeds the value of the security deposit C.D.W. This is valid only if you stick to the terms of the rental agreement. It doesn't cover other parts of the car (e.g. windows, wheels, interior or undercarriage), or charges (e.g. for towing, off-road time, Police fines and extension of the rental), or anything in the car (e.g. child seats, GPS devices or personal belongings).

If the customer DOESN’T provide a valid police report he will be charged according to the total value of the damage. CDW does not cover damage or problems such is flat/damaged tire or problems with the battery caused by the careless of the renter

The cost of the road assistance is:
  • Coming on terrain (up to 25 km from Tirana Airport) cost is 40 euro VAT Included
  • Coming on terrain (over 25 km from Tirana Airport) cost is 1.2 euro/km VAT Included
CDW also does not cover any damages caused by driving under influence of alcohol or drugs.
F.D.W. (full collision damage waiver) In case of purchasing F.D.W (full collision damage waiver) the customer reduces the access to 0 depending of the type of FDW he purchases. The F.D.W (full collision damage waiver) insurance is optional and is an extra charge to be paid locally. The Surprice Car Rental Albania offers 3 types of FDW insurance depending of customers choice, formally explained to the customer in the rental desk at the time of pickup.)

If the customer DOESN’T provide a valid police report he will be charged according to the total value of the damage. FDW also does not cover any damages caused by driving under influence of alcohol or drugs.
Surprice Car Rentals Albania is responsible for 24-hours road assistance.

5. Vehicle usage

You can drive the vehicle outside the territory of The Republic of Albania only with the Company’s Cross Border Authorization. You have to inform the company 7 days before the pickup date if you want to travel outside Albanian’s territory. Out of border fee costs 35 € per rental VAT included. If the customer crosses the border without notifying the company, the customer will be charged 100 €. The vehicles of Surprice Albania are not allowed to be driven off road, in unpaved or un asphalted road. In case that the customer will drive off road, in unpaved or un asphalted road the charge will be 150 euro. In cases of accident in and outside Albania the client should provide to the rental office the POLICE REPORT

6. Fuel

The gas station approved by the rental company is ‘’ALPET” fuel station. The customer must save all refueling receipts from ’ALPET’ and present them to the drop off agent at the end of the contract. All vehicles are supplied with a full to full or same to same (the vehicle must be returned with the same amount of fuel that was picked up). The missing fuel is charged 1.6 Euro/liter and 5 Euro for administrative cost.

Every vehicle has a Fuel Card which provides you a discount at the ALPET oil stations.

7. Traffic fines/tickets

The customer must pay all the tickets/fines received during the rent period and an extra administrative costs of 5€ VAT INCLUDED. Smoking inside the vehicle is prohibited. The cleaning charge for smoking inside the vehicle is 50€ VAT included. The customer will be charged 350€ in case of vehicle key loss.

  • Aditional Driver : 3 euro/day, maximum 15 euro for rental
  • Navigation System : 8 euro/day, maximum 50 euro for rental
  • Baby Seat : 3 euro/day, maximum 30 euro for rental
  • Snoe Chains : 4 euro/day, maximum 40 euro for rental

8. Out of hours

For drop offs in absence of the Sales representative, we will take pictures of the vehicle and check it out during office hours. If the car is not returned in the same conditions as it was taken, the company Surprice Car Rental Albania will charge the value of the damage and the administrative costs from the customer’s Credit Card as signed in the contract by the customer. Surprice Car Rentals Albania is obliged to send to the Cooperator or to the customer by email the following documents: Pictures of the damaged area, Rental agreement, Damage Report and the invoice of the charge.

Out of hour’s pick up or drop offs (20:30 — 08:30) will apply with an extra charge of 15 € all destinations. This charge is only applicable when the Sales representative of the company is present.
  • - For pick up or drop offs out of hours and out of destination we will apply the extra charge 1.2 euro/km VAT Included from Tirana Airport.

9. Safety and security

In order to protect our customers and to protect our company the vehicle that you have rented has a GPS TRACKING system. According to the article number 5) we can use the data from the GPS tracking system to prove where the vehicle has been used.