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Why to rent a car with us?

When visiting a country, transportation is one of the most crucial, but at the same time problematic things to do. The most common and effective mean of transportation is the car. It can get you anywhere, it is big enough for your family and yourself to travel comfortably and it is easy maneuverable. As everything tho, it has its fair share of perks. Cars are expensive to bring with you in vacations, sometimes impossible to be transported and for the most time, not worth the trouble. So what do you do? You need a car but not your own. This is where car rental agencies come to play. Renting a car is a great way to travel around without having to pay the enormous amount of taxes needed to bring your own car. We do just that, give cars for rent. Here is why we are the solution to your transportation problem.


  1. Our company has a considerable number of cars you can choose from. Every kind of car for every kind of situation is available. If you need a big car because you are traveling with your family and you have a lot of baggage then we have the right cars for you. Opel Zafira or Touran are just some of the cars you might find appropriate for your needs. If you need a car that does not spend that much gas because you just want to go around the city then, again, we have the right cars for you. Fiat Punto, Ford Fiesta, Fiat Panda and many more are available on the spot. All of our cars are in fantastic conditions. What we are trying to say is: you name it, we have it.
  2. Talking about your needs, we also have extras, different commodities which can make your trip easier. You want to go in Korce but it is snowing like crazy? No problem, we offer snow chains. Are you traveling with your kids but they are too young to stay still and safe by themselves? We offer babyseaters. Is it your first time in Albania and you are worried about getting lost because you do not know a single place? We offer GPS. There is nothing that can go wrong that we have not thought of.
  3. It takes only 20 minutes. A lot of people think that it takes forever to successfully rent a car but in fact it takes less time than receiving your order at a restaurant. Our offices are located at the airport, at the Rogner hotel, at Saranda, Vlora and Durres so you can find us extremely easily. you just come at one of our offices, specify what car and what extras you want, pay and the car keys are handed to you on the spot.

You take a great car in perfect condition and with a reasonable price, you travel the country in maximum comfort and then you return it. Your problem is solved, and in less than 20 minutes.

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